Our Peace of Mind Process Starts with You

No matter what we purchase or the companies we work with today, establishing a comfort level with these experiences brings us peace of mind.

When our community’s local steakhouse caught fire, the owners were naturally distraught about the damage to their livelihood. What was the process to repair the restaurant and reopen? How long would it take? What about ongoing bills and payroll?

We felt the pain of their loss. But we brought them peace of mind by letting them know they purchased the broadest insurance coverage available, and their restaurant would be repaired, and the ongoing bills and payroll would be covered during the rebuilding process.

They took comfort in the fact that their business was fully covered for this loss. We walked with them through the clean-up and the claim process and today they are back to running a successful restaurant that services our community.

This is peace of mind. Knowing you have the right insurance in place and the company to stand with you.

The work we set out to do every day at Jason Herman Insurance is centered on giving you a comfort level with your policy, your coverage, and your premium. Understanding the insurance solutions you need for your own unique situation starts with our teams listening to you.

The Right Policy

We’re proud to have access to nearly 22 insurance carriers to provide the insurance solutions you need. Here’s how we get to know which type of policy is right for you, we listen.

Whether it’s a phone call, face-to-face meeting, or a virtual connection, we believe those conversations are valuable. Let’s discuss what insurance policy your unique situation demands

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The Right Coverage

Who and what is being covered? How much coverage do you need to be protected? What other circumstances impact your needs?

Every situation is different, and your needs are unique. Our experience and insurance knowledge tell us that there’s more to every story. It’s why consumers today want to work with a personal agent, someone who knows all the right questions to ask.

Jason Herman Insurance agents expertly assesses the potential risks and liabilities, the level of protection you need and what “making it whole again” looks like for you.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

The Right Price for Insurance

Insurance is a manageable expense and the coverage you need and policy you select should fit your budget. The benefit of working with Jason Herman Insurance is that we’re able to compare competitive rates across many insurance providers to ensure you’re not overpaying for coverage and you’re not agreeing to coverage you don’t need.

Peace-of-Mind Process in Action

Your insurance agency should be your advocate. Jason Herman Insurance sees every insured as our responsibility and that’s why we’re committed to performing the due diligence to get you insured and then walking with you through all that comes next.

At the end of the day, you need to have a comfort level in your insurance agent and insurance solutions. It’s our goal to deliver this comfort level in our peace of mind process.