Andrea Profitt

Commercial Department Manager | | Extension: 209

In my early twenties I left my five-year banking background to begin an exciting new career venture in Insurance, with a position that was created just for me, in an industry I knew very little about. I began my insurance career in the “background” reviewing policies as I learned all the ins and outs, what insurance really means, and why it is so important. It wasn’t too long into my new career that I decided I wanted to do more than just be in the background, so I decided to get my insurance license. I began a journey helping and getting to know our personal lines clients while getting cross trained with our growing commercial team. I truly enjoyed this experience. However, after seven years in personal lines I was encouraged to move over full time to our commercial team where I found I was meant to be, where I could soar. One could say that I just “fell” into the insurance industry, but I know that God “placed” me exactly where I was supposed to be, not only in the industry but in the right community and agency. I have enjoyed getting to know my commercial clients, learning about their businesses and needs, servicing their policies, and increasing my knowledge of business insurance. My goal is to use my insurance experience to protect my client’s most important assets so that they can focus on succeeding in their business.