Karen Bolick

Operation Manager & Commercial Support | kbolick@jasonhermaninsurance.com | Extension: 208

I really enjoy helping people and working in this field gives me the opportunity to do that in many ways. I’m supporting our team to help clients to purchase something they can’t see or feel so that they are prepared for some of the most difficult times in their lives. What I have discovered in the insurance industry is it is a never ending learning experience. There’s always something more to learn. It’s constantly changing and you just have to be ready to adapt to it. There’s never a dull moment, and I don’t always go to work knowing what will happen next but, whatever happens I’m always prepared for it. Operations managers get to solve problems daily, while interacting with their team & clients. Unlike finance or marketing which (while important) put you more on the edge of the business, I get to be directly involved in supporting our team to assist our clients. My ultimate goal is to maintain and increase the efficiency of the agency.