Condo Insurance
Policy Basics

What do I need to consider when choosing condo insurance?

When figuring out how to choose condo insurance, consider these key questions:

  1. What is the estimated cost to replace, rebuild or repair your condo unit—the “replacement cost”? – Do you need walls-in coverage or coverage for the entire unit?
  2. Do you own any additional structures on the property (e.g., garage)?
  3. How much of a deductible can you afford to pay if you have a loss?
  4. What are your valuables worth?
  5. Do you have frequent visitors over?
  6. Do you work out of your condo?
  7. Do you rent any part of your condo or property?
  8. Do you qualify for any discounts?
  9. What are the basic coverages required by your mortgage lender?
  10. Does your condo association have any coverage requirements and gaps that you need to address?

Our licensed insurance agents are happy to walk you through all this step by step and can help you review your needs on an annual basis.